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To a considerable extent, music indeed is a craft that can be learnt. But the suggestive body language of a conductor is harder to acquire, and it’s still harder to learn how to deal with people, with the pernickety musicians’ collective sitting in front of the conductor. Excellent conductors are characterised by their talent – and the discovery of new talents is the intention of the International Conductors’ Competition Sir Georg Solti.

Sir Georg Solti

Numerous competitions are being organised for instrumentalists, ensembles, and even for composers; conductors rarely have the chance to match with their competitors. This made it an urgent need to create a forum where young talents can present themselves and receive competent assessment of the standard they have reached. The competition’s superior rank can also be found in its name: Sir Georg Solti, who led the Frankfurt Opera during 1952-1961, referred to this decade as “ten happy and fruitful years”.

Sir Georg Solti

But how is one to select? What paths does one follow in one’s search? And how does one best present one’s findings to orchestra and public alike? These considerations make the conductors’ competition more than just a qualifying contest; it also offers an opportunity for all involved to usefully gather and exchange experiences.

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